Get ready to make your own dynamic websites with these useful video tutorials on PHP programming.

When designing web pages, many programmers prefer to use PHP over HTML. While HTML creates static web pages, PHP is known for its dynamic web pages. These videos will show you how to code in PHP along with the programming language’s history and a little more. We hope it helps!

1. Learn PHP in 15 minutes

This tutorial starts from the beginning and shows you how to start writing scripts in PHP.

2. PHP Tutorial 1 – Introduction (PHP For Beginners)

This tutorial covers a short presentation on what PHP is and what is required to learn it. It serves as a good introduction to the popular programming language.

3. Introduction To PHP – A Complete PHP Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

This tutorial covers the basics such as what is PHP, some past, present and future notes on PHP and what it’s used for as well as how it works.

4. Lecture 1 “PHP”. Building Dynamic websites. Harvard OpencourseWare. CS E-75

Harvard instructor David J. Malan talks about the programming language in this Harvard lecture on PHP.

5. PHP UK Conference 2013 – Richard Johnson – PHP is evil (Defensive programming)

This talk will attempt to cover a wide range of web system security considerations, including evolution of PHP’s security features, general PHP development best practices, considerations when using underlying C libraries, fun PHP functions and unexpected results, cool “features” in browsers, LAMP stack design and configuration for security, common mistakes and gotcha’s, security antipatterns and fallacies, how to review code and think securely.

6. PHP Tutorials

This playlist from TheNewBoston consists of 200 videos on PHP and how to go about programming in this language. It starts with installing PHP and goes up to the depths of the language.

7. PHP Tutorials: Create a CMS

This is the first of a seven part video that teaches you how to create a CMS with the PHP programming language.

8. PHP Programming Part 5: HTML Forms and PHP Programming

This video teaches you how to create forms in HTML and then pass them to PHP. HTML creates static web pages, while PHP creates dynamic web pages.

9. Intermediate OOP in PHP

This is the Intermediate OOP in PHP talk from the Front Range PHP User Group meeting held in June 2013.

10. PHP – Classes and Object Instantiation

This tutorial video covers many basic concepts of PHP that are hard to find elsewhere. It can be a treasure for those learning the language.

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