The global economy is slowly recovering from the recession phase and demand for project management professionals are increasing. It’s difficult to find out the best project management talent for critical IT projects as this role requires an excellent blend of technical and soft skills. Some common features of a talented project management professional are attention to detail, focus on process, time management and multi-tasking capabilities. Here are seven skillsets which can help IT project managers get hired at top-scale firms:

1. Managing capability during resource conflicts: 

Businesses may be huge and the company may also be large in size but resource allocation conflicts is one of the most common happenings. Cost-factor is always there along with technology constraints, time-crunch and staff availability. The project managers are supposed to decide how to allocate resources in the best possible way so that a positive impact is created on the business.

2. Knowledge of more than one technical platforms: 

IT project managers are supposed to be familiar with development, design and delivery of software and applications. Agile development method is followed in most IT organisations which makes it important that these professionals have to understand this methodology. Earlier, agile was used by software development teams only but now most of the companies are applying this methodology in their technical projects. IT project managers are also supposed to understand end-user requirements based on customer feedback.

3. Knowledge of business strategies: 

A project management team usually contributes to the business strategies of a company and business agility is also quite critical for project management. Project managers have to understand how to respond to customer and market requirements. Project managers are expected to manage the business priorities of a company too. Project managers, nowadays, are more proactive in business scenarios as they effectively plan the staffing, costs and time factors too. It’s not easy to become a good project manager always.

4. Extraordinary communication power: 

Communication skills are always in focus while hiring talent for project management team. Project managers are supposed to coordinate with people from various backgrounds and with different personalities too. They are also required to be informative enough about the daily status of the project.

5. Management capabilities: 

Communication skills should come handy with excellent management skills. Project managers are supposed to tackle tense situation with a calm mind and they need to make crucial decisions for the good of the business with a political mind-frame. Performing at the best in a crisis moment is the biggest requirement from a project manager. Experts say, project managers need to be good psychologists too to motivate people and ensure that every project ends on time with minimum conflicts.

6. Risk assessment skills: 

Risks are involved with every IT project and the biggest risk is that deadlines might get missed and projects are not delivered on time. A good project manager should have the necessary skills to assess the risk factors involved with every project. Early assessment minimises risk of failures as the team members are already equipped with all the required tools, knowledge and information.

7. Sufficient experience: 

Project managers need to have enough experience of working with as well as managing offshore teams. It means project managers should have global experience with a wide variety too.

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