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  Wednesday, October 23, 2013:  Ever wanted to create all those super awesome games? Here are 28 free ebooks on Game programming!   1. The Python Game Book by Horst Jens et al. – thepythongamebook.com, 2012 The Python Game Book written by Horst Jens and friends aims to provide interested students and teachers a broad Read More →


If we think which category of open source software will benefit the most from the open source model, (i.e. how the the codes can be revised, extended and fixed by the users) the answer will definitely be the programming tools. The graphic designers or managers might not possess the skills to contribute to the codes Read More →

It takes a lot of effort and some very good skills to audit security to overcome any vulnerability. These tools are available for free and are either being actively developed by community or their alternatives are provided. To sum it up, here are top 7 tools for security auditing. Nmap Most hackers are aware of Read More →


Microsoft has remade its Surface Tablets running Windows 8—the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2. They are thinner, brighter, more powerful and faster. Speeds and feeds remains the name of the game at Microsoft.And that’s one of the biggest problems at Microsoft … and with the Surface 2 line. What Microsoft Wants You To Know Read More →


BlackBerry is about to get acquired. The player that has swooped in to rescue Canada’s largest tech company? Not Microsoft. Not Samsung, Google or Facebook. Amazon is nowhere to be seen. It’s a financial services company. BlackBerry is likely to accept a buyout offer from its largest shareholder, Fairfax Financial, for what will amount to Read More →


Twitter is rolling out a new feature that automatically sends mobile users suggestions on who to follow. Twitter has been testing this feature with @MagicRecs, an account that sends direct messages with personalized recommendations for users following the account. According to the company, it has been modifying the algorithms based on user feedback and is Read More →


YouTube announced a new way of filtering out annoying comments on videos. Starting this week, YouTube comments will be powered by Google+, Google’s social network. The video site is notorious for users who down-vote videos en masse or post vicious replies, so YouTube is taking action to provide higher-quality comments and conversations. YouTube declares that Read More →


Google may be close to settling its antitrust disputes in the European Union, good news for the search engine giant, which has been under the cloud of a potential $5 billion fine and business-limiting rules in the EU. Google has been under fire from claims that it has abused its market position in advertising and Read More →


As a lead-in to its 15th anniversary tomorrow, Google announced changes to its search platform that expand its “knowledge graph”—that is, its ability to answer your questions directly instead of simply presenting you with links to additional sources. The changes also aim to allow more natural “conversations” that will make it easier to refine searches, and simpler Read More →

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