If you want a new iPhone, you have a choice. You can buy the brushed aluminum iPhone 5S or the less expensive plastic and colorful iPhone 5C.  After more than a week of sales, the preliminary data is in: nearly three quarters of Americans chose the iPhone 5S. Mobile analytics company Localytics has been tracking Read More →

When developing Magento themes, you will quite often have flat HTML that you are breaking apart and putting into Magento’s template files. One thing that I have OCD-like tendencies with is the need to make sure that all text is in an inline translate. By that I mean using: <?php echo $this->__(‘Basket’) ?> Obviously, this Read More →


Facebook will start sending weekly reports to top television networks containing data about conversations around TV shows. The Wall Street Journal reports that the information Facebook provides will include the number of “actions,” or likes, comments and shares, select TV shows generate on Facebook. The social network won’t make the reports public and will share Read More →

The local.xml that can found in the app/etc/ folder of your Magento installation. It contains the database connection details to your store and the encryption key used to secure data. If a nefarious individual laid his hands on this, he/she would have everything they could want. With the results from the upcoming eCommerce survey (soon Read More →

My awesome friend Lewis King wanted to display the latest facebook post in the footer of a site that he’s building. He’s not a developer, and facebook didn’t make it easy. The tangled web of facebook developer documentation and inadequate access token description. Most blog tutorials out there are outdated because of the introduction of Read More →

The October 2012 eCommerce survey found 35,218 sites in the Alexa Top 1 Million. This is a 4% increase since the February eCommerce survey. Magento, with a 23% share of the market, is the leading eCommerce software platform. Equating to 8,087 sites, Magento has seen growth in every single edition since the survey began 2 Read More →

The February 2013 eCommerce survey found 34,864 sites in the Alexa Top 1 Million. This is a slight decrease on the October 2012 survey. The eCommerce software with the largest market share continues to be Magento. Out of all the eCommerce sites detected, 26% are attributed to the platform. This edition sees Zen Cart losing Read More →

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