In this article, we will discuss some magical tips to improve coding speed. Today’s life is very fast and time is the most precious commodity for everyone. This fact applies to Software engineers as well. That’s why it is important to learn how to improve coding speed or optimize time while we are working on a software development project. Following are few tips that will help you to improve coding speed. Let’s begin,

Use Decent Code Editor to improve coding speed


The very first thing you should do is use a decent code editor. If you use decent code editor you will get lots of extra features such as auto-complete options, syntax helper, Split editing, Instant Project Switch etc. Following are the list of some decent code editor:

Sublime Text  (Free / Licenced Version)

This is the one of best coding editor I’ve ever used and it’s also one of the most popular editors. It has lots of features such as custom projects where you can keep all your files organized for a specific site or app. You can even include folders inside of projects. To download sublime follow this link: Sublime Download.

Brackets (Free)

Brackets is also a great editor. It already has things like live-reload and is fully open-source. Open-source means it’s made by and for the community. It’s a very powerful editor and set to be one of the best you can get. As per my experience, I am very happy with this. To download Brackets follow this link: Brackets Download.

Software design principles: improve coding speed

Always try to use best coding style practices. It will help you to reduce the project development and maintenance effort. Some developers are getting huge numbers of bugs because they either don’t use a good coding style or not following good software design principles. It means if you follow best coding practice then it will automatically reduce the count of bugs and also reduce the time to solve it. Also, it’s very easy to modify well-structured codes.

Think first, Code second:

Even the most difficult problem can be broken down into such small steps that it no longer seems difficult. This is the “magical tips” of programming. What this means is, deconstruct the complexity, explored the deconstructed pieces, and then thought about the smaller pieces. In next section, we will discuss benefits of breaking the code into small and loosely coupled modules.

Break the Project Down Into Small Pieces:

You should learn how to break down the bigger projects into small independent modules. If your project has well structured and loosely coupled modules, then changes in one module will not affect the functionality of other modules. Also, if bugs will come in one module it will not affect the other modules.

Track your time:

I would never know how slow I was before I started tracking the time. Human beings are just not good at estimating time in general. Many times I thought I was fast enough, but it turned out to be much slower than I expected. I found that I just need a timer to tell me exactly how much time I’ve used.

A side effect of this is to give me some pressure. When I put a timer next to me, I would feel a little more nervous and that’s exactly what I need because  I can see my progress over time, which is really great.


Time-Tracking-increase-coding-speed. Source: Google

When it comes to time tracking, you can follow several approaches. You can use a timer application on your PC or mobile. Tracking time is not just enough. You need to record it properly. You can record time with the help of project management app or within Spreadsheet.

Time-tracking can make you an efficient programmer because you know the areas that you spend most of your time and you can work accordingly to overcome them.

Final thought about “how to improve coding speed”.

Coding speed is easier to improve than it seems to be and I never expected that I could improve a lot within a short period of time. The number one thing is to keep practice and track your improvement. If you feel I missed something in this article please add it in bellow comment box.

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