Its been 1 year, 3 months, 3 weeks and 1 day of war between Russia and Ukraine. Many countries are supporting Ukraine by introducing economic sanctions on Russia. There are a lot of tweets about the Ukraine and Russia war where people tend to update about the ground truths, what they feel about it, and Read More →

50+ Useful Docker Tools The container ecosystem is growing and expanding faster than ever, and with so many Docker tools and services it can feel like a daunting task just understanding the available options. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, developer or DevOps engineer, SRE or platform architect, this list will be your companion guide Read More →

50+ Useful Kubernetes Tools In just two relatively short years, Kubernetes has laid waste to its fellow competitors in the battlefield of container orchestration. Sadly, Docker Swarm hasn’t been a major contender since 2016 and, like AWS, admitted defeat by pledging K8s support and integration. Since Kubernetes has skyrocketed to popularity as the container solution Read More →

Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack are all “configuration management” tools, which means they are designed to deploy, configure and manage servers. But do you know which among Chef vs Puppet vs Ansible vs Saltstack is the best tool for IT automation? I have written this blog to let you know the pros and cons of Read More →

  SAAS: SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE Cloud application services, or Software as a Service (SaaS), represent the largest cloud market and are still growing quickly. SaaS uses the web to deliver applications that are managed by a third-party vendor and whose interface is accessed on the clients’ side. Most SaaS applications can be run directly from Read More →

In this article, we will discuss some magical tips to improve coding speed. Today’s life is very fast and time is the most precious commodity for everyone. This fact applies to Software engineers as well. That’s why it is important to learn how to improve coding speed or optimize time while we are working on Read More →

1. Deep copy When you copy an object that contains other objects, like an Array, only a reference to these objects is copied. You can see that in action here:   1 2 3 food = %w( bread milk orange )       # [35401044, 35401020, 35400996] # [35401044, 35401020, 35400996]   Using the Marshal class, which is normally used Read More →

The global economy is slowly recovering from the recession phase and demand for project management professionals are increasing. It’s difficult to find out the best project management talent for critical IT projects as this role requires an excellent blend of technical and soft skills. Some common features of a talented project management professional are attention Read More →

Rails application with Oracle Database   Connect your Rails application with Oracle Database Once I have faced a challenge to connect the rails application with Oracle database. So for the connection with Oracle database i have to spend some time, finally by the following steps i have succeeded. Requirements:- System with Ubuntu 12.0.4LTS , 64-bit Read More →

Get ready to make your own dynamic websites with these useful video tutorials on PHP programming. When designing web pages, many programmers prefer to use PHP over HTML. While HTML creates static web pages, PHP is known for its dynamic web pages. These videos will show you how to code in PHP along with the Read More →